What Do You Do When You Find Yourself Outside the Will of Yah?!

Posted by Rabbi John A. on

In The Torah portion for this week “Naso (Lift Up …).” The question pertaining to sin & uncleanness against one’s Chiastic Structure is being addressed in this parasha reading.. You may ask; “ how in the world can I know when I am sinning against my Chiastic Structure (Purpose in Life) when I don’t even have an the faintest idea of my purpose in the first place? Let’s try to answer this question along with the main questioned posted in this parasha …


NASO [Lift Up- נָשֹׂא]

Nun- נָ – Seed, Continue, Heir, Son

Shin- שֹׂ – Two Front Teeth, Sharp, Press, Eat, Two

Aleph-א – Ox Head, Strong, Power, Leader


Idiom or colloquialism which has its true meaning in the Hebrew dialect. The apostle John is talking about walking or being obedient to the guidelines of Torah. Torah is the light and path by which we are to follow Yah. Deep within Torah is our Chiastic Structure. The very purpose for you existance. It that part of wisdom which cries out to you, beckoning unto you to adhere to its instructions for your completeness. Read this passage of scripture in this week’s Torah and allow your spirit to confirm this truth:

Numbers 5:5-8 ESV

“ And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying, 6 “Speak to the people of Israel, When a man or woman COMMITS ANY OF THE SINS that people commit by BREAKING FAITH WITH THE LORD, and that person realizes his guilt, 7 HE SHALL CONFESS HIS SIN (FORGIVENESS OF SIN) THAT HE HAS COMMITTED. And HE SHALL MAKE FULL RESTITUTION (WHICH IS APPLYING GOD’S RIGHTEOUSNESS) FOR HIS WRONG, adding a fifth to it and giving it to him to whom he did the wrong.

Way to often we ask God what is my purpose in life when that is clear (Eccl. 12:13 KJV); first ask Him how should I re-establish right relationship with you … and what you will find is your Purpose will overcome you! It is our broken covenant that hinders our ability to know and become all Yah has ALREADY EQUIPPED US TO BE … REMEMBER MY CHILD EACH DAY I HAVE YOUR PURPOSE SET FOR YOU. IT IS SIN THAT CLOUDS THE PATH AND CAUSES MEMORY LAPSE IN OUR LIFE.

See Yah This Sabbath ... Much love in Yahushua!

Rabbi John Wesley A. PhD & Pastor Martha
Congregation Beth Hashem in Durham & Greenville, NC