Adult Torah Study
Zakkah University of Learning


Welcome to Congregation Beth HaShem: A One New Man Messianic Congregation where Jews & Non-Jewish Believers Observe The Essence of The Literal Torah. Our Corporate Focus: To Worship Adonai as He originally intended in order To Form One New Man in Yeshua Ha’Mashiach, Therefore Establishing Shalom [Where nothing is broken and nothing is missing- True Peace (Ephesians 2:16b-17a KJV)].

We Endeavor To:

• Minister The Truth of The Tanakh (Original Covenant) and The Brit Hadasha (Renewed Covenant) to a lost and dying world; by sharing The Power of The Hebraic Gospel “…To The Jew First and Also To The Greek” (Romans 1:16 KJV).

• Enlighten Observant Jews of Their Jewish Messiah, while Educating Non-Jewish Believers of Their Hebraic Roots and Biblical Heritage in The Torah (Isaiah 56:6-7 KJV). G-d commands us to be a “light unto the Nations”, to Share The Power of The Hebraic Gospel with The Jews and Gentiles alike: making them “One” in Yeshua. The Olive Tree is in the last prophetic phase of the grafting process. The Old Branches (Nationalized Jews) are being re-grafted into Their Original Olive Tree (by way of Yeshua) unlike any other time in Biblical history.

This is The Time to Begin Reaping The Final Harvest; when The Re-grafted Old Branches (Nationalized Jews) and The Grafted Wild Branches (Non-Jewish believers) are bringing forth The Unblemished Fruit for The King of The Kingdom (Ephesians 5:27 KJV).

Come & Join US… as we celebrate The L-rd’s designated times of refreshment, which He has appointed for us: including The Holiest Appointed Time of Them All, His Sabbath (Leviticus 23:1-44 KJV). Enjoy His Times of Refreshing, By Entering His Temple Gates with Thanksgiving, His Courts with Messianic Davidic Dance and Praise: in order to bow down and Worship Before His Throne. At This Time, He calls for Intimate Communion with us “…In The Cool (Ruach or Holy Spirit) of The Day…”. This is The Place, which is deep, within The Holy Chambers of Our Heavenly Father’s Heart, The Holy of Holies! (Psalms 100:4; Gen. 3:8a, 9).