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Just Another Messianic Weekly Devotional Question:

How do I know that TITHING is right and how much is a Tithe!?!

Oct 28, 2016

By Rabbi John Wesley A. II  

To Tithe or not to Tithe that is the question … and how much is the tithe!?! Never promote a person based on Talent alone. I have run across many extremely talented individuals in my day; but one of the hardest lessons that I had to learn came to mine, in the form of this daily devotional dose of Chukkim (command from Yah). It's usually the most talented who never seem to totally fulfill their spiritual purpose in life. This is solely an infectious case of “Self Reliance” instead of Yah reliance. Okay so what does that have to do with our tithing devotional!?! Everything!

If you remember we discussed the four main questions pertaining to tithing that were on my list: 1. Most of the time the individual is trying to get out of giving to Yah in the first place. 2. Most will connect tithing to torah meaning that it is a old testament concept, which has been outdated or nail to the cross with christ (Colossians 2:14-15 ESV). 3. Others will agree that it is for us today but; we tithe to ourselves like they did in this passage of scripture; Deuteronomy 14: 22-29 KJV (How convenient is that to arbitrarily choose this passage over Genesis 28:22 or even Deut. 12:5-7 KJV right!?!). 4. And still others will say that there are no new testament scriptures which specifically tithing; so we give as we feel lead to give (Matthew 23:23 KJV).

But we said; “Tithing” like anything Yah does, focuses on building an intimate relationship centered around Trust. Tithing is an integral part of being solely committed & submitted to the other partner as stated previously: which is Trust. We also biblically defined the word “Tithe” as the one-tenth part of one's (gross) income. Please understand you must master this spiritual truth if you are ever to receive Yah’s Best on a continual basis.  The tithe is not only what one pays off from the gross, but it is always the very first of what one receives. In other words; before you try to figure out how to pay your bills or even survive to make ends meet; Yah must be honored first. Let me give you a test just to see if you can intellectually pass: If a tithe is considered a tenth of your (gross) income, then how many tenths can your (gross) income be divided into?  Now that you’ve figured that out which one of those tenths is considered the one Yah expects you to offer?  Remember if you chose the wrong one of these tenths to offer, it becomes like cain's offering. Whether it is the 4th, 2nd, 8th or 9th tenth that you chose as an appropriate offering, it stinks in Yah’s nostrils and He despises them (Amos 5:21-23 NLT). Hebraically speaking; cain did not fail in offering the right tenth! SAY WHAT!?! No at least he did recognize which tenth was the right one; but he failed in offering the specific type of tenth that he KNEW was expected of him (Genesis 4:3-7 KJV). He chose to offer produce instead of an animal sacrifice! He did offer “The Right Tenth” and it was his best … Just not Yah’s required type of offering at that time. Again this is an example of self reliance rather than Yah reliance.

But shouldn’t have Yah considered all the effort in what cain had to do in order to produce such a harvest? Yes and Yes the heavenly father did indeed take note of this; but cain disregarded the important fact that Yah had cursed the ground. Cain became infatuated with his ability to produce a great harvest from something which was cursed of Yah. Even the best that the land could produce would not negate the curse, nor excuse the requirements of Yah’s specific desires. Okay then why does Yah require “First Fruits Offerings” from the ground (Leviticus 23:9-14 NASB) then if it is cursed? I would think it is a type of tithe according to scripture right (Proverbs 3:9-10 ESV)!?! Yes! But don’t forget what the sole (the word “soul” is appropriate as well here) purpose is in these life lessons from Heaven. Everything that Yah requires of us has attached to it a reason which when you “WAIT FOR IT …” produces (this is a pun which was intentional He He He … ) His desired result. Basically His perfect (Teleios Gr. 5086) will for our lives (Romans 12:2 KJV). In the Greek; the word for perfect here is as stated; “Teleios” which is defined as … perfect, (a) complete in all its parts, (b) full grown, of full age, (c) specially of the completeness of Christian character. Adam was created as a VERY GOOD” prototype (which is two hebrew words: Hr. 3966-Meod & Hr.2896-Towb) but NOT a completed product by any means (Genesis 1:31 KJV). So since there are some uncompleted parts within us which need to be completed or grown up to full maturity; Tithing works towards achieving the end goal of this divine process.  Oh Sukkie now; I just conveniently ran out of time again … don’t you just hate when that happens!?!


Shalom shalom until next time … not finished with this question in its entirety but this should get us started for sure!

Rabbi John Wesley A. II

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